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FCR DJ parts question

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Just recently back in the scene and have a few questions. Bike is a KLX. Hey, I got a good deal! Previous owner installed an FCR purchased from TT and mentioned using a DJ kit. Does the DJ kit use round mains and come with an adapter? Is it possible for me to identify the needle in the picture? There are no markings. I have plenty of Keihin hex mains and would like to use them. The bike is down for other maintenance and seemed to run decent for the short time I rode it but it did have some slight surging during a steady low rpm cruise in 5th and know it could be better.. Also seems as though the main jet is pretty small for sea level but my previous DRZ using a Yosh kit was working well with a small main also.

Heres the deal..

Athena 440 (very low time)


Full Akropovic

stock cams

main 140

needle ? 4th clip

main air 200

pilot air 100 (removing)

pilot 45

FS 1 turn

K&N filter -its being replaced for a foamy

Where do I start??


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