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1985 rm 250 wont start

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ok let me give as complete as discription as i can.

it is an rm 250 but it has had diffrent parts put on by previous owners.

i beleave the stator and cdi are from a 1979 the color on the wires dont match from stator to cdi but i was able to get it started for a while, the the stator wire at the coil broke no way to fix so i bought a new stator now i cant get it to start. unshure if i have wires going to the right cdi wires as they are diffrent color. i do get like 30 ish volts to the ignition coil, but no spark. on the original stator it has a wire conecting two coils then leads to cdi. another wire go to coils to cdi the the othere coil wire goes to ground then to cdi.

on the new coil one wire conects the two coils and at the other end of coils the wires lead to the cdi with neither of them being grounded first.

so i guess my question is is 30 ish volts to ignition coil enough that it should spark cuz coil test good as per ohm.

and is the cdi for the 85 in some way groundig the stator wire which the 79 grounds at the stator.

i think what im gonna do is just ground the stator wire which corsponds to the old one, and cross my fingers , but i will wait for any responce for about 6 hours.

and if im being an idiot please dont hesatate to tell me cuz all i really care about is getting this bike going and yes i know i should just replace the whole electrical but allas im poor!

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