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Advice on new motor, please...

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Next week I'm putting a new 08 crf250r engine into what's left of my P.O.S. crf250x.....

I've got things I'm curious about and would appreciate a few offerings of 2 cents:

1) The airbox was previously opened up / cut out quite a bit. I don't ride hard - no racing for sure - pretty much just follow my kids' back wheel. In order to protect the top end from dirt/debris - should I get a new box without all the cut outs? (I change air filter every ride.)

2) Carb jetting - it's the stock '08 crf250r carb. I have a FMF Power Bomb header and Power Core exhaust. Do I need to re-jet? Where do I get started on knowing what to replace?

3) Anything else?

Thanks in advance,


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