UTAH riders Moab ride 27th - 1st

Some guys from Nothern Utah are planning a Moab trip this next weekend 28th - 1st. Anyone out there planning a trip and want to hook up and show us around down there? We've been there once before and fell in love.


We are heading down Moab way on April 11-13. Our family would go next weekend, but we don't have a babysitter available.


lets try bumping

I'm going to be out there the last weekend in April to ride for 4 days. There is also a classic hot rod show then and at night, the cars cruise up and down the main drag in Moab and burn out. Pretty cool and the cops try hard to bust people but there are just too many of them.

One area you should ride is in the San Rafael Swell a little West of Green River, Utah. There is some awesome riding over there. There are a couple of sand wash areas that you can really move.

I'd ride Poison Spider/Golden Spike and Gemini Bridges area one day, it's a blast.

lets bump it up again to see if there are any takers

The last weekend in April and you're not going to the Supercross in Salt Lake City? :)

We're going to be riding the Hole in the Rocks area the third weekend in March.

Some guys from Nothern Utah are planning a Moab trip this next weekend 28th - 1st. Anyone out there planning a trip and want to hook up and show us around down there? We've been there once before and fell in love.

Thanks for the invite. I would love to join you but we are going down in April on these dates: 11-13th. Perhaps another time.

And I'm going to the Supercross in SLC for sure!.............db :)

Myself and three friends are planning on being there the 28th-1st. we've all mtb'ed there before but never moto'd there, so we're also somewhat virgin to the area for this activity. We may ride poison spider mesa on saturday, which I've done on an mtb.Also, the weather may be a factor, we will probably decide by wednesday if we're going or not. I can p.m. you then what we're doing.

I think that we are planning on going no matter what. I've got to go to Powell on Thursday and then we will be there on Friday and Saturday. There isn't any reason that we could not hook up and explore the area together. Let me know.


Kevin, after reading your reply I had a vivid recollection of sitting in my car at the slickrock parking lot in the rain; my first time in moab and I thought I had been s**t upon by the weather. My friend went out to ride the practice loop [we were riding mtb's], he came back after a while and convinced me to come out. Even when wet, the rock has amazing traction to it.

My friend J.C. [ no relationship to the religous figure} who is planning on coming with me is saying that he will go no matter what the weather!

I'll let you know what we're doing.


Kevin & Renny:

I just returned from Moab last night. Beautiful! I am also going again this weekend, the 28th - March 1st. I'll see you down there. I'm in a black Chev ext cab pulling an open trailer with 2 YZF, 1 XR & 1 KLX. We are staying at the Super 8. We will ride Gemini Bridges / Bull Canyon area on Friday. We will also head up Gold Bar for a look. Saturday, I'm not sure, possibly Onion Creek / Top of the World. Please let me know your plans. Thanks.

Hey Scaryfast, I'm glad to hear you had a good time. I'm hoping the weather will improve by this weekend. If we do come down we'll be in two vehicles, my 2 door maroon tahoe pulling a trailer with 2 drz's and a honda, and my friend with a white explorer with a ktm 525 on the back. Haven't made or lodging reservations yet, as we're watching the weather forecasts.

I will know by tomorrow as to whether the trip is on. I will answer through thumpertalk tomorrow night. Half of our group will be coming down early Friday morning while the other half will be spending Thursday night in Moab. I know that my Gray Haulmark trailer will be making the trip. I'm just not sure who will be towing it. If I tow it I will be in a Grey and White extra cab chev with a shell on it. We will either be in the super 8 or the motel 6. They seem to be the cheapest. I'm also planning on stopping at Rocky Mountain MC to pick up a pak-jacket. Anyone need anything from there?


One more thing Scaryfast. What level riding is Gemni Bull Flat etc? All of the guys that are going with us are able to handle most anything. The only possible problem may be my son. He is bigger than me but would be considered some what a novice. He does really well at Jerico and trail riding. He will be on my old WR400. Do you think that he would be OK?


The Gemini Bridges trail is a novice to intermediate level ride on mostly good 4wd roads. Your son should not have a problem. My group consists of my Dad, uncle, brother and me. We are leaving the Ogden area for Moab on Friday morning about 4:30 AM. We will have breakfast in Greenriver. We should be at the trailhead by 9:30-10 AM. The parking area next to the railroad tracks is located on US HWY 191 about 1 mile past the Dead Horse Point intersection when heading south going toward Moab from I70. It is 9 miles north of Moab. There are Gemini Bridges signs going either direction. If we do Gold bar Rim trail to the Overlook, there are some moderately technical climbing conditions. I've only been "down" this trail from the Golden Spike / Portal / Poison Spider ride. It is alwasy different riding up something than going down. There is a lot of riding in this area. We can explore the Bull Canyon trails and such. Lots of little mine spurs.

I look forward to meeting you. Thanks.

Well, guess what? My Dad and Uncle have gotten cold feet. They are fair weather riders and they are not too excited to ride Moab in 40 degree weather. I'd go rain or shine, but, I have a motorcycle addiction. I thought that it was a for-sure trip. My Dad is 62 and a great rider but has slowed things down. My uncle is the same way.

Now that they are out, my brother has reconsidered. Sorry...

I'll let you know when I go again. I want to do the trip on April 11th-12th with other Utah riders from Thumper Talk. I would go on my own and meet you there, however, it is a difficult task to convince my wife as I was just there last weekend. Thanks.

Guess what my whole group has gotten cold feet too. I guess that snow and cold has turned them all off too. I really have a disappointed son. Right now the group is looking at the 14 thru the 16th of March to go again. We would go next week but I'm scheduled to be in Denver all next week and would not get back into SLC until late Friday night. You up for that time? If weather permits this weekend I'm thinking about heading out to Knolls or Dell, maybe even Jerico. I know the guy that is in charge of the Desert race in June and we are in the process of getting it layed out for the race. He showed some interst in going there. I'm not sure though. Let me know if you are interested.



Sorry to hear that your Moab trip isn't working out. My bro-in-law and I are coming down to Utah this weekend for some riding and family visits. We'd love to hook up with you. PM me if you're interested! :)

Well guy's, I've gotten cold feet too; the weather forecast has me thinking of future days when it's warm, sunny, and dry. My friend J.C., who is Crazygoat here at thumpertalk, is probably still going this weekend, so if any of you are as gonzo as he is and is looking for someone to ride with you might send him a private message thru this website.

I'm planning a trip to Moab the last week of March. Probably March 24-31, something like that. Problem is, I can't find any guys to go with me! Poor bastards have to work all the time. So if any of you guys want to hook up and do some riding let me know! My schedule is somewhat flexible. I could go anywhere in between March 17 - April 7. Are there any trails that aren't to risky to ride by yourself(worst case scenario)? Just to warn you in advance, I ride red :):D

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