UTAH riders Moab ride 27th - 1st

Pro2k, the trip I had planned for this weekend has been postponned till the weekend of march 21st-23rd, so if your gonna be out there at that time perhaps you could hook up with us.

Do they really check for registration stickers in Moab? I have a spark arrestor but I don't have a sticker. I just bought the bike!

If you bought the stickers but haven't recieved them yet, you can show them the reciept.

Actually, how do you get a sticker? Is this when you go to the license bureau and pay the sales tax?

Pro2k, I'm a little confused, I thought I was responding to a different post when I answered you. I didn't see anything in this thread about folks checking for stickers? in the moab area. What are we talking about?

Renegade, I've heard that some places check you for OHV stickers. In my state I've ridden at several state parks but they don't check for a sticker but for spark arrestors. What I am asking is (1) does Moab check for a sticker? and (2) where do you get one?

Pro2k, I don't know for sure. I don't think anyone is going to check in utah, I mean, there is a whole lot of empty space out there and not too many people to regulate it. Perhaps someone else can help out Pro2k here. I have a license plate on my bike so I haven't had to deal with an ohv sticker.

In Utah by law you need the OHV stickers. They are pretty leanient about it, but if you get caught, you may get tagged................db :)

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