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04 rm 125 help needed

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last weekend i blew up the bottom end on my rm 125, i know it ran lean. this weekend i am going to be taking it out (thank gosh i found a crank and bearing set for cheap) and i am rejetting it.

where would you go to start off with the jetting? it had a 380 main in it, and not sure about pilot or needle position (just bought the bike)

the bike has a ported cylinder, v force 3 reeds, pro circuit works pipe, pro circuit r304 silencer.


ohh plug was gray

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a have a 420 in mine and it feels pretty good. I have an '03 rm125 with bills pipe and PC nature friendly S/A muffler, uni filter and a couple other little doo dads. Right now my pilot is a 35, (i wanted to get a 30 but they didn't have them where i usually go to get my jets and such) I also, just got my bike and just recently finished (so i think) jetting the bike since it previously had a bills pipe muffler and pipe and i put on a PC S/A muffler. If i were you, i might even start with the stock jetting, and then fool around with some diff. jets and see what works good with your bike.

For the bills pipes, there site recommends a 460 main jet and a 35-37.5 pilot, i think

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