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carb info

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does anyone have a link to a step by step on cleaning the carb and replacing jets?

The 2 stroke carb is very simple to clean, basically 2 jets and a float needle.

1. pull the carb

2. remove the top cover where the throttle cable is...wrap it in a rag and set it aside.

3. disconnect the electrical plug...follow it from the carb to the connector (if your carb has one

4.remove the float bowel screws

5. big brass looking jet in the middle is the main jet remove it

6. next to that is a smaller brass jet with a slot in it for a blade screw driver...some are recessed in the body of the carb...but you can't miss it.

7. with a small finish nail remove the float pin...it connects the floats to the body.

8.remove the air screw on the out side of the carb, note how many turns out it is.

ok carb is apart...start cleaning, use compressed air and carb cleaner on every hole you can find on the body.

as for jets I never poke anything into the orfice to clean it, as that may alter the size...instead you can do one of the following

A) compressed air and carb cleaner

:) soak the jets in cleaner, solvent, simple green works too

C) my favorite on jets that are really clogged...I lightly hold them with needle nose pliers, heat them up and drop them in water, I do this a couple of times and their clean.

9) clean the float needle port/hole with a q-tip and solvent carefull with the needle tip.

10) blow clean all the vent tubes and ports


easy stuff...time yourself...you got 20 minutes.

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the jets, how do i take them out, is there a special way of taking them or anything cause they are in there pretty good, i cleaned around them and put a new spark plug in and the bike still wont kick over

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