01 yz426f interchangeable parts?

like the title says im looking to see if its possible to swap parts with a yz450 like a flywheel, slip on, ect. (450 to 426) thanks

Slip-on maybe, flywheel, no way.

Grayracer, i know this is off topic but what are the chances i can machine a flywheel weight for my 426 on a lathe? i work at a manufacturing and machine shop so i have the resources. Does any body have a close-up, detailed picture?

Depends how good you are. I don't have any pictures for you, but it seems like it could be more than $100 worth of time and trouble to build your first one from scratch.

hijacker! lol jk are body parts interchangeable? like shrouds?

Not exactly, but the '03 -'05 stuff can be adapted. There's a link to the process in Common Threads.

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