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Lowering Links, Who makes the best? and How low should I go?

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Well I just bought a 2006 DRZ400s and I am only about 5-7 and 155 lbs so it sits up a little high for me. Which lowering link should I buy, I have seen a .75", 1.25", and a 1.75". I am thinking the 1.75 because I can barely touch the ground with my my tip toes. Would this be too far? I mainly want to ride on the street so ground clearance is really not an issue for me. I am looking at the Kouba link brand, are they any good, or should I find another brand?

Also what does it take to install lowering links? I always like to work on my toys myself but I heard you have to make an adjustment to that mono shock and I don't want to screw that up. And don't know if that takes any kind of specialized tools? What is a fair price for having a dealer install links?

well thanks for any comments

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