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Collar/ring behind front sprocket on '03 wr250?

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I have a 2003 wr250, and I've never replaced a front sprocket on these before, and now that I am, I noticed that there's a plastic/rubber "collar" that fits behind the sprocket which essentially sits between the sprocket and what's called the "plate cover" in this drawing:


(basically sits between #26 and #29 in the drawing).

But notice that there's no OEM part for it that I can find. Is this collar/ring part of the "plate cover"? or is it something else?

Mine is toast and totally worn out, so am stumped trying to figure out how to replace it. I don't want to put the old one back on, and probably shouldn't go without it as it looks like it provides some sealing for the counter shaft.

Anyone know what this part is? I'll try a couple of my local dealers, but don't usually have good luck if I can't find it on the parts fisches myself (which is typically all they use).



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