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250 exc-f security

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Hi guys,

I've been looking at getting a KTM 250 EXC-F. I like the fact that it's a street legal, 6 speed, enduro.

My only concern with the bike is it's lack of security. I've read that no key is required to start the bike.

I realise i could get a disk lock or a cable lock. But are these going to be very effective? And a cable lock will be annoying to carry when riding won't it?

Am i missing something on the bike? Or are there any good aftermarket security things i can buy that would make you comfortable leaving the bike on the side of the road?

Any help would be appreciated.


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At home and in transport, I always lock up my bike with cables. While out on a trail ride, never as I assume everyone else has a bike so taking an additional one may be a bit hard.

If I understand your question, you would be out riding roads and such. In that case, I would def. carry 2 things: cable lock and a disc brake lock (just don't forget to take it off!)

I have never heard of an mx bike having a key unless it was a true dual-sport, but that is not to say there is some sort of ignition lock-out device you can add aftewards.

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