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Early Dirt Bike Magazine Issues on CD!

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This is a post from another board. I just got the CDs, and they are an ABSOLUTE MUST for anybody into vintage MX. This is great stuff, direct from Super Hunky.


Rick Sieman

Email: superhunky@gmail.com

Want your very own copies of the Glory Years of Dirt Bike Magazine? That

would normally set you back a huge sum of money. Well, here's the next best

thing. I scanned all 42 issues and they're now available. That's every issue

from June of 1971 through all of 1974. The June '71 issue was the very first

issue. I worked on all of these magazines until that last issue in 1974.

You'll see a big difference in content in that last issue and the ones that

preceded it.

Every issue has every page included. All the color pages are reproduced in

color. You can print out every page if you want to, since the issues were

produced in Picasa 3 format. Or you can put it in your computer (or CD/DVD

player) and simply enjoy a slideshow of each and every month. There are seven

discs included in the package. Each disc contains one-half of a year (six

issues) in order. This comes to about 3000 pages total.

The cost is $75 and that includes postage and shipping anywhere in the US.

Accept Paypal (Paypal address: superhunky@gmail.com), personal checks or money orders.

No plastic. All orders are shipped Priority rush mail.

Rick Sieman


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