05 yzf 450r issues

thanks for the header pipe issue.But this bike still has the loud back fire when you crack the throttle. Its a very loud pop,COULD SOMEONE PLEASE THROW SOME IDEAS OUT THERE...................... HELP...........HELP.............HELP:foul: :)

Clean your carb. My guess is it is running lean due to partially clogged jets.

Be a little more descriptive. Is it firing from the exhaust or the intake?

Is it backfiring when you let off the throttle at high rpm, or as you open the throttle to accelerate?

Its Poping Out The Exhuast When Throttling Up. Iv Cleaned The Carb And Valve Adjust.

Try a fresh spark plug. That sounds more like an ignition problem.

Fresh plug and new qoil in it.

Test the stator.

Will check the stator. Haven't tried that yet.


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