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06 kxf 450 seized

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hey guys sorry to beat a dead horse, but i searched the site and cant find much info on my seizure. just a run down of what happened. my bike became really really hard to start over a month then just got worse but i got used to it and thought that the decomp was playing up, put a new spring on, new decomp cable etc etc, could start it but it just felt like it had full comp every time you kicked it, lucky i got big legs and could start it, i got used to it like that and didnt think much of it, then was out riding not to long ago and it locked up on me in 3rd flat out, cannot budge the kick start. anyways im a mechanic by trade and im going to repair it just havnt had the time as of late, so just wondering what yous rekon has happened to her before i jump into it. thanks again,i have used the best oils and meticulously serviced.

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