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HR's Ten Fins of Fury Journey-83 XC500

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Been working close with some of the vintage experts on CafeHusky so thought I would post here at home (TT)

I secured a Barn find of a 1983 Husky XC500, with maybe two rides on her.

Getting back into MX Racing, in the vintage/EVO class and here is my first machine to add to the stable for that money pit!


The 70s and early 80s are the days I grew up with MX and dirt bikes, so getting back into MX and vintage has been on this old pharts bucket list, so here we go...

Race Prep!!

Here is the first of a series on my Miss Ten Fins of Fury Evolution Class race prep.

I will post each step as I work through her, my first EVO race is the 4th of April so lots to do.


Got the bike delivered, smooth process using Uship.com (very kewl site) and had a fantastic delivery of Miss TF in a crate from the previous owner.

Roller her into the shop and gave her a quick go over see if anything "jumped out at me" so to speak.

Started taking her to the frame for an inspect:

full grease, nut and bolt torque and everything related.

I figure on a bike that has the capability to go from standing to Warp 6 Mr Sulu by the first turn, it would be very "prudent" to go through her with a fine tooth comb.


Photos will follow this is what I have found on the girl.

  1. She is all stock except a new air filter and Neoprene seal savers on the forks
  2. Everything else is show room stock
  3. Tires" Stock 'made in Sweden Treleborgs' are still on the rims, rear tire still has lateral groves down the center of the knobs. There is some slight dry rot cracking on the tire by the rim.
  4. Brakes: a little wear on the rear, front hasnt even be set into the hub. metal shoes have made in sweden on them.
  5. Original sprockets, no wear
  6. Swingarm chain slider is dry rotted and cracking, 1/2 of it gone
  7. slight tear in the Husky sticker on the countershaft cover
  8. Original cables: clutch, brake, throttle
  9. Original bars and all controls
  10. Stock Ohlins in the rear, bottom left shock Hiem bearing is stuck
  11. All original plastic, rear fender has a 6" crack on her, Frankensteins bride with zip ties
  12. Original exahust, no dents, dings etc.
  13. All electrical is original, just really dusty, go figure.
  14. Original reeds, 40mm carb, all original hoses, vent etc is hard and yellow
  15. Swingarm pulled with ease. Bearings and SA shaft great shape.
  16. Rear and front axles pulled with ease, bearing roll free, like new
  17. Rear brake pedal is typical XC husky set up with out the bearings, she doesnt align or hold solid well
  18. Rims and spokes: Perfectly round, tight.

Parts on Order and starting to arrive:

New tires and tubes: Michelin M12 front, S12XC rear; MSR heavy duty tubes

All new cables

All new control levers (YZ style, my favorite, black)

Moose Alum throttle assembly with additional throttle wheel cam

All new hoses (electric blue), vent lines, fuel line, crankcase vent and fuel tank vent

EBC Grooved brake shoes front and rear

Boyesen Reeds

Pro-Taper phat bar mounts (black)

Pro-taper phat bars: Gold Pastrana Freestyle bend (tallest bar out there, same bar on all my bikes)

Pro-Taper 1/2 waffle grips - slate grey

Royal Blue fork boots (retro)

New front and rear UFO fenders (white)

New chain slider

New Ohlins ITC Heim bearings


yes she is dirty, I havent cleaned her off yet so I took the photos just as I got her down to the frame.

She needs a wipe down and complete cleaning. Chain lube is flung and stuck all over the swing arm and other places and hardened, so she needs a good bath with some Simple Green and WD, more cleaning and scrubbing before I start putting her back together.

No cracks, bends, warps or anything else, honestly I dont think she is even broke in yet.

Here are the right at tear down shots, dust, dirt and all.













So, stay tuned, parts are headed this way, cleaning, tires, re-greasing and pictures and story to follow!!





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