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Maplesville Fun Run

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Is anyone going to the Fun Run @ Maplesville, AL this Sunday? Dwight?


For those of you familiar with PMMC this should make sense..for those that aren't across the road means across the paved road where the main camping area/clubhouse is..

There are 2 bike loops across the road - the 10 mile one (orange arrows), a 2-3 mile easy loop (red arrows) along with a 2 mile UTV loop (green arrows) and a 6 or 7 mile ATV loop (black arrows). The UTV/ATV loops are on the clubhouse side. There will also be a kids only grass track section in the front pasture. There will be no ATV/UTVs across the road.

The orange course (hard - motorcycle) has some good single track, but it is arrowed for the single track and for the 2-track stuff, so you make the choice whether or not to dodge the planted pines...I say hammer down in it..

The red course (easy - motorcycle) is set up for beginners and those who don't want anything too difficult. It flows well but isn't too technical.

The green course (UTV/ATV) is enjoyable in a Rhino/Mule, but is probably too open for anyone on a 4-wheeler that wants a challenge. There is one section at the end that will throw the UTVs for a loop...

The black course (ATV - Hard) is a lot of the older tri-sanction hare scramble courses. A stock Rhino (58"wide, I think) WOULD NOT FIT around the complete loop (I tried....). I am not sure if we are gonna mark bypasses around the tighter sections so the UTVs can have another trail to ride.

The kid's grass track will be in the front pasture, in sight of the parking area. I think I will be setting it up on Friday or Saturday..it should be a hoot.

Please stay out of the green fields! They are ribbon'd for a reason. We have to cross a couple on all the trails, so please be considerate.

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL RIDERS - UTV'S INCLUDED. NO HELMET, NO RIDE, NO EXCEPTIONS!! 5 MPH in the parking areas - any craziness and you will be asked to leave.

Chilton County is a dry county. Normally we don't have any issues, but I will throw that out there. There is a good chance that the local high school will be running a concessions trailer, but it hasn't been confirmed.

Primitive camping will be available starting Saturday after lunch - but NO RIDING ON SATURDAY!! The club doesn't have insurance for Saturday. For those that want to ride on Saturday, Noah's MX track is 8/10s up the road and is a lot of fun - Noah also has a short HS loop around the perimeter of the property. I think it is $15 to ride.

Any questions call Bill or myself at Dirt Bike Supply - (205)664.3800

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