Canadian WR450F in SoCal

My Canadian WR450F just arrived today here in S.

Calif. Can't wait to ride it! I had the dealer check the flywheel torque before they shipped it. The stock pipe does not have a spark arrestor on it, and is welded at the end, so I cannot put a Promoto billet on it. Anyone got any ideas before I spring for an FMF Q pipe?

check out your ser# it has a W in it. when i picked mine up i registered it the next day . all the dmv wanted was the nvis form. ps what dealer did you get it from?

G.A. Checkpoint in Port Moody BC. I live in Calif. Bought the bike from CA to avoid problems with getting a license plate for it after I put a lighting kit on. Did you have any problems with yours yet? The multi-national manual is kinda hard to read.

Hey GSXR guy,

How did you work the CA state taxes thing? How much did you tell the DMV you bought the bike for? Did the want to see the bike? Did you tell them you bought it used?

I also have the Can. bike - have yet to register it.

Thanks, Bud

Sorry for the mis info I'm in the land of the great white north about 9 hours drive north of vancover canada. sitting here wating for the 2.5 feet of snow to melt so i can ride my wr 450

Checked my local dealer yesterday and got to look at the micro "fiche" the wire harness is totally different between the us and canadian models as is carb jets. PS where is the spell check on this thing? :)

I too bought 2 YZ450's from Bob at GA checkpoint...good guy. Highly reccommended!

Haven't done anything yet. Still researching what to do with the DMV after I dual sport it. May take it to Arizona. I have heard that lately some guys are starting to hear from the state of calif AFTER being issued a valid license. Still collecting data. What a hassle. Are you going to try for a green sticker? Also, did you modify the throttle stop or air box yet??

You are right about Bob. All went smooth. Found him on the internet last november. Too bad he can't get accessories for us.....

What kind of asscessery's are you looking for?


I am looking at bying a 2003 WR 450 from Motorcycle-Brkokers in Delta, BC. I really want to dual sport this bike, has anyone successfully green stickered and plated a CAN bike in CA??

Also, is there a difference in parts? Is it worth it?

Looking for trick dual sport kit, hand guards, frame guards, etc.

made my own d sport kit. wr allready comes with two filliment bulbs, picked up switch gear"DT200" from a wrecker. got brake light switch from baja d. flush mount signals. A flasher relay from a gsxr, a littel wire and and a trail teck speedo.A coupel of led'd with resisters for idicator lights and a horn from the wrecker.

I'll post prices on tuesday for other stuff.and see if the exchange rate makes it worth your while.

I got my Canadian WR450 green stickered today in northern Calif. All DMV needed was the import papers and a visual inspection of the frame and engine VIN #'s.

Thanks PeakRider

I have hear that the DMV is starting to send requests for EPA reports in the mail after issuing stickers and license plates. I called the AAA club and the CHP. They don't know anything about it. Time will tell. I am going the Arizona route for now.

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