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CAR/TRUCK race in stoddard this weekend!!!!!!

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I was out prerunning the race course and saw some pink ribbon if a few spots. so I checked it out, looks like a bike race course. looked on the D37 website and there is a race on the 28th out in stoddard. if this is the race course and your out running it BE CAREFUL when crossing the CAR/TRUCK race course. both places where they cross is a high speed area.

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Here is a map of the truck/buggy race http://moreracing.net/map.htm

This course is a bit different in that it doesn't run down by Outlet Center, which is where they normally have their start/finish. Outlet Center will be the safest place to camp/stage today or tomorrow.

The course crosses HOdge Road twice and runs through the narrow canyon just S of Hodge Rd. The area to the SE and NE of the Hodge Exit will be the most dangerous. Take a look at the map.

Also, start/finish is just behind the Slash X. The large powerline Rd has two course crossings, one in the Valley E of Hodge and just W of Stoddard Well, the other on the SW side of Stoddard Mtn. From Stoddard Wells to the Slash the course doesn't interfere with the powerline road, but if you turn N on Stoddard Wells Road, there will be a course crossing a short way from the powerline road.

Please print out the map and make yourself familiar with the course. We had an ugly head on collision between a truck and buggy at a recent event. It resulted in the death of one of the passengers in the buggy. The accident was ruled accidental, as the truck couldn't see the buggy due to terrain. Imagine how hard it is to see a bike or quad if the guy couldn't see a bright red buggy.

This course will also be a very fast course. Speeds should be faster than normal as there are very few technical/hill sections.

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