races in colorado

Hay colorado guys, I want to try an enduro and was just wondering if any one knows of a good first time race here in colorado? website/schedule. thanks for any help.

The Snakebite enduro in Grand Junction in November. If you are a beginner, here is the good, bad and ugly.

Good points: Open terrain, well run, lots of lodging nearby, and killer hillclimbs. Great for beginner because there is no timekeeping. Some great sections through creekbeds.

Bad points: Few rests, so you better be in shape. Its almost a Harescramble in that respect. You will pound through whoops for long periods (I'm sick, I like that stuff).

Ugly stuff: Was really dusty last year, but can be really slimy if wet.


I know you said enduros, but the VDR HS series at Berthoud is very beginner friendly.


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The VDR Hare Scramble sounds fun, but there isn't much info (none actually) about it on their website. When do they typically start organizing it? I think I was told on here some time back the first would be in October, does that sound right? Whatever info you have would be great-thanks!

There is also a Hare Scrambles series at Milliken, CO. I preferred their course layout to Berthoud's(Berthoud does the best they can with what they have), it seems more off-road oriented.

The link is: http://www.tworiversracing.com/

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Endozen is right, Berthoud is not an offroad event, more like a 2 hr MX. But I like that. And for a beginner is means it is more open, and passing/being passed is easier, and probably safer. Several of my friends have done their first dirt bike race at VDR.

The first race is in October. It seems like its always the next weekend after the last MX. I predict Oct 27. One a month, 5 total.

Do a search for more info.

Cool, thanks guys!

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