Steering damper comparison; pros/cons ?

I know Scotts makes a very popular unit. I am wondering how the W.E.R. compares.

I honestly like the idea of the lower location, no special triple clamp, and ease of transfer to another bike that the WER offers, but there must be other considerations?

Like ease of adjustment, durability, effectiveness, value (how big a difference do they make?), etc. What experiences do you guys have?

I have a WER but just bought a Scotts. I have used the WER on numerous bikes since 1996 and it has worked OK. I am, however, sick of butchering my front # plate. The reason I switched is it just doesn't work on the '03 YZF, as the frame mount is too close to center of the steering head and is just plain designed wrong. OK, so as you turn the bars to the right it damps as it is supposed to, because the damper arm is on the left side as is the frame mount. The damper, because it is mounted forward of the steering head moves to the right as well; away from the frame mount. You get goood damper action. In other words it is a straight pull, 1:1+. If you turn the bars to the left however, the arm is pushed, and as the arm is pushed the damper itself turns to the left and slows the rate at which the arm is pushed. This is hard to describe but it is a basic geometric problem. At one point the arm actually stops moving completely- after about only 1 inch of so of handlebar movement. So what you essentially end up with is a one way damper. Now all I have to do is figure out how to mod a pad to fit over the Scotts.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to mod a pad to fit over the Scotts.

Mount it backwards and run a crossbar.

Will a scott's fit on the stock WR450 bars? My dealer just said i had to order new bars with a higher crossbar.

My dealer just said i had to order new bars with a higher crossbar.

I used to know off the top of my head exactly how much bar-to-crossbar clearance you needed to run a Scott's damper, backwards. I've forgotten what that # was but I wanna say 42 mm.

I don't know that a Scott's will clear any crossbar if mounted in the forward or "normal" position unless you bend the crossbar, and bending one that is welded to the rest of the bar, like the stock WR bars, doesn't sound like a good idea.

Having said all that, if you are willing to shell out the $$ for a damper you should replace the bars anyway. It is only a matter of time before they get bent.

Just my two cents.

I like my GPR :D It bolts on to the stock clamps and fits underneath my Demanari handle bar with curved up brace. I don't want to ride without it :)

I have a GPR and love it..If you ride trails with rocks it makes all the difference.

Renthal makes a bar for Scotts that has the cross bar pre curved to clear the dampner.

I have the Scott's installed under Renthal "Jimmy Button" Highs.

The tech at Scott's said "The Buttons are the only Renthals that will fit without bending the crossbar".

I Now wish I spent the extra cash and picked up the Pro Tapers with a Scott's clamp.

I've never got head shake on my Yamahas, so I really don't see the need for a damper untill I have a problem. I have had the need for a damper many times on a CR 500. I would never ride a CR very hard over rough terrain without one!!!

Have you ever ridden offroad bike with damper?

No, I haven't, Sabin. Which is a very good point after reading all this good input (thanks guys!). I can't think of anyone I know who has one either, or I would sure be asking to ride their bike once. It is a very expensive accessory, which is why I wanted to research the options and benefits well.

Nice pics, Yamakaze, thanks!. My concern for my WR is to not block or have to remove my speedometer or high beam indicator or headlight (kinda crowded up there). I currently have TAG 2's in CR Double-Hi bend (no crossbar). They are mounted with low-dollar 1 1/8" adapters on the stock triple clamp.

Incidently, does GPR have a website providing info and pics? I want to be thorough, and this is a new one to me.

Chaindrive, I was thinking the same way like you. Now I know that this are the best money spend so far for my bike, and even better - it is for all my future bikes.

I would recommend the SCOTTS damper, and the DirtTricks mounting kit. Here's how I mounted mine :) DirtTricks now has a mounting kit for Yamaha's.

<<< PIC >>>

Hey if you want I can email a photo of my YZ450. I have the Scotts mounted on it with the Renthal Bars with the Scotts bend. It is a very clean looking setup but I think now that I have the Scotts mounted by reversing the arm that the stock bars may work fine. If you would like a photo then send me your email address to and I will send you a photo as I do not know how to list photos here.



Here is a link to GPR. At one time they had a policy of full refund if you did not like it.

Do youself a favor if your shelling out the money, and get the Scott's. Tried and true.......

Dodger :D:)

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