Yz Number Plate On Wr

I have a 2003 WR450F. I do a lot of desert riding with friends. I do not like the idea of spending between $40.00(Used) and $70.00(New) for a new light every time a rock gets launched at the only 4"x3" glass target on my bike. :thumbsup:

I have seen several WR's with number plates. My question.... Is there a number plate for a WR? If so who makes it? If not.... What have they done with all the connectors and wiring behind the stock light assembly? Not to mention I have BRP tripple clamps and there is no hole to acomidate the stock YZ number plate top mounting point....:lol:

Any help please?:usa:



Also... Any other sugestions for a direct replacement light that's not so rock prone....?

My first suggestion is to simply remove the headlight and just run the headlight shroud. I am having the same situation on a 05 WR. The stock WR upper clamp doesn't have the mounting tab for a YZ plate. At least from 03 on. Can't remember if my 01WR did. But I changed out the upper tripple clamp on that bike anway and the replacement had the mounting tab. As far as I have seen there isn't a number plate that mounts up using the stock WR mounting points. My solution is to get a YZ upper clamp and use that instead. Then modify the bracket that holds all the hardware for the electronics. Not that big of a deal really. I needed a different upper tripple anyway.

I have a YZ number plate on my '05 WR 450. You have to move some things around, but its doable with the stock WR triple clamps wiring brackets. As soon as I find my pictures I took a long time ago of the mod, I'll post them. Good luck!

Ha, I also didn't like that glass target on my bike.I removed headlight but made a dummy plastic cover to fill the headlight hole.I did not want sand and stones shooting into the wiring etc.I stuck the dummy in from the back, looks quite neat too.I cut up an Estate agents "for sale" board, it was white at the back and matches the rest of the color scheme.(oh and it was MY "for sale" board):thumbsup:

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