Great article on Sacramento Bee website

Dan, you are a great source for information. Keep up the good work.

No doubt, thanks for keeping us up to date. :):D

These articles are great! It really shows what money can do! We all need to join ama, brc, corva, and other groups so we can fight these b@$tards and win. We are true environmentalist, we actually get out and enjoy the out doors, I care and I think the rest of you feel the same way :)

Why the AMA? What have they done to reverse closure decisions made in lets say the last ten years?

I am a loyal AMA member, but am NOT impressed with there actions in this arena.

Bonzai :)


You probably know the AMA better than I. I haven't been a member for years, but I keep hearing about all the things they're doing and all the money they're spending on land closure fights....namely the $50,000+ they gave to District 37 for their fight (which, I understand, was somewhat misguided in the first place) among other things.

I don't mind giving credit where credit is due, but if not, then the hell with them and the horse they rode in on. Maybe you can shed some light so we'll all know??


Thanks, guys, but all I'm doing is passing it along. The guy(?) who wrote the article is doing the real work.


PS: I found the link to this article on the BRC website at


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