426 tick tick tick engine help? pics added

Gray, Help...anyone

Tore in a bit deeper, to replace the oil pump. in the process I removed the oil strainer and found it was colapsed, and clogged with the fiberous material that I'm told is left behind from gaskets, shop towels etc. I'm thinking i've found the reason I was not getting oil returning to the sump?


oops. that was me posting above looks like the wife was still logged in

Which oil strainer?

Which oil strainer?

Behind the skid plate in the front. Below the frame drain bolt...If you remember I had another thread a year ago "look what I found in my oil strainer" The seen is no longer a tube...looks more like a squashed pop can

I have not yet got to the oil pump, I need a clutch holding tool

That's the feed oil strainer, and yes, that kind of thing could definitely cause an oiling problem.

So I need to clean this strainer every oil change? I'm starting to get paranoid. I do oil changes every 2 track days= 4, 5 hours. But I've only cleaned this strainer twice since i bought the bike......how much more of this material could be in the engine at this point? Is there a better way to clean this junk out?

I still plan on replacing the oil pump at this point.

You shouldn't have to clean it ever, really. But now you know why such a big deal is made about cleanliness when working on your engine, and why the manuals all advise "lint-free" wiping materials.

Sound like you may want to flush the oil tank.

Any tips on this process. Again thanks your insight is invaluble.:thumbsup:

Remove all oil lines, plug it and fill it with Simple Green and water at 50/50, and let it soak. Lay it on it's side and run the wand of a pressure washer up into it and let fly for a while. Then fill it with alcohol to eliminate the water, then with ATF. Let the ATF soak a while, then drain it and let it drip thoroughly out for several hours.

Finally got around to removing the oil pump. Yes I plan on replacing it at this point, but what about the gouge in the case??? Should I be concerned?




The gouge in the case is not ideal, but that's the return pump, so you should be alright. File or sand away any burrs that stand above the machined back surface of the bore.

Thanks, will do. :thumbsup:

All back together. The bike makes good power, but still ticks more than I would like???

Again oops. looks like the wife has been on the thumpette forum again. The above post was me.

How much did it cost for the head repair?

$285 including reshiming and grinding valve seats....basic head rework. Not to mention the oil pump!!!!!$100.

how much is a new head gonna set u back?

I did not buy a new head, i got the original fixed. OEM $700

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