Oil Cleaner O Ring issue

If there was no noticeable oil leak, nothing. That passage leads to the top end and trans oil feeds, and if the O-ring leaked badly enough to cause a danger to the engine, there would be oil all over the right side of the engine. If it just leaked a little, it's nothing to sweat.


so leaving this O Ring out and not having any oil leak probably wouldn't cause the top end to grenade unless all the oil leaked out.

if the oil did leak out and the top end blew, would there be damage to the bottom end as well?

There could be, it just depends. The passage sealed by that O-ring is the upper of two branches of the oiling system that are both fed from the oil filter. A significant loss of pressure on either side would drop pressure throughout the entire circuit, but as I said, it would take a really massive leak to cause a pressure loss.

It wouldn't take a very big one to drain the tank in a couple hours, though.

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