Need a cold weather jacket to go riding?

I'm looking for a jacket that will fit over my chest protector and still be comfortable. I don't/can't ride in snow but when it's 40 outside, riding gear isn't enough to stay warm. I figure the WR guys could help me out since you guys seem to ride year round. All info is helpful, websites also. Thanks

just go buy a winter jacket that is really baggy. would help if its a size or so biger then what your own size is too

I been thinking about a jacket as well.Moose,Acerbis & MSR make some really cool enduro jackets that are good for colder weather.Some even have sleeves that zip-off for warmer times.A Carhartt is always a good bet too,worn them on atv rides before.

I get laughed at for this but when the cool weather of fall comes around in Michigan I drag out my good ol insulated Carhart coat. If used properly I have found this to be the ultimate!

Here is how I use it:

1. Cool mornings and then warm afternoon I start out with the jacket on the outside of my CP zipped up and unzip as need for more ventialtion is needed.

2. Cold days I may switch to carhart under the CP for added warmth and leave the zipper down as needed.

3. Winter riding add a sweatshirt under the CH and put the carhart over it again. Use the zipper as in 1.

Like I said, I have been laughed at because I doent employ an enduro jacket but on the same token - I have seen some of those laughing at me either freezing or sweating to death (he who laughs last is still laughing LOL).

Works for me and I ride year around - you aint ridden till you've roosted em with the white stuff!


By the way, if you do this DO NOT use one with a hood - dang me, dang me, they might as well take a rope and HANG ME!

moose adventure gear great jacket also waterproofish Go see the kawa/suz dealer in ft. smith, Wheelers

I have a moose enuro jacket I've used for the last 4 years. Works great. Has vents in the back and sides to open when it warms up.

I use a Columbia Titanium series core and shell jacket. Has plenty zip open vents, ripstop nylon, and the best thing is you can zip the fleece lining in or out depending on the weather. I got two linings with mine (full sleeve and vest). The jacket is super comfortable and warm and the arms have full range of motion so it won't pull up on you while your riding, also has an interior stretch band you can button to keep the wind out (or snow). I like everything about the jacket but the price. With both the linings and the shell was about $350.00. Great all winter jacker though, not just for riding. Good Luck.


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