Hatfield McCoy Any Tips or Advice

Hey Guys,

Just got my 2003 WR450FR last Sat., too much snow to ride but looks nice. In April i'm going to Hatfield McCoy ridding area in West Virgina and was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips for the trip and recommendations to make the trip better. Let me know how you liked it and what you think.




Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. I went last May and will be going back this May. We had a blast. The trails are well marked and there is plenty for everyone’s ability level. Just watch for traffic, it runs both ways. 400 miles of trails in 4 areas. Beware of the black expert trails they are marked that way for a reason. They have unreal hills in them and I will avoid them next time. I want to live to ride again. :) We rode the Dingess Rum Trails and camped at the Logan State Park for 3 days. I just wish it was not 5 hours away. You may want to buy the laminated maps or make some yourself the paper maps don’t holdup well and you will use them often. I saw a guy that took the maps off the internet, shrunk them down, laminated them and hooked them to his handlebar with a plastic tie. I will do this for my next ride there. Any specific questions just ask.

Have Fun


We went last spring to Bear Wallow. Had a great time. Due to work and nobody eles being able I did'nt make it back. I plan on going a couple time this year. Great place to to go. Great trailes. Would make a great place to have a group 450 ride for us in the east and midwest.

Thanks guys for the advice sounds like it is a nice place like everyone says, if anyone else has some advice keep letting me know.



Hey Guys,

If anyone has heard let me know what trails systems are better so we hit them first.


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