2000 WR400F shock

Where can I find an oil seal kit for the rear shock and what is suggested psi. for the nitrogen. Really do not want to pay Yamaha OEM price.

I do not think you can find yamaha oem oil seal, not for the 426 though. www.racetech.com sell them and also complete seal head assembly. There is some issue on the kayaba's seal head being pressed and very hard to disassemble.

You don't want to replace yourself without the proper equipment to refill the shock reservoir with nitrogen. Better to let a professional do it. Any local suspension shop should be up to the task.


The work is not that hard to do. The nitrogen is available at the local shop. I paid 5.00 to have them fill my shock back up to 140 psi.

The instructions here are great. http://dirtrider.net/motosource/mxtech/mx-tech.html

I am not saying I would re-valve without some outside help (who knows where to start???), but a simple oil change or rebuild is not to bad. Maybe the level of a two stroke top end job.

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