We shot some helmet cam video today at Bunker Hill MX Track in Delta, UT. The video is posted in one 12.6 meg clip that is John (Blackie) and Danny (r1-superstar) on one lap and then three parts which are Eric (mrmoto), Doug (ogrebelle), John (Blackie), Mike Zufelt (non-thumpertalk member), and Danny (r1-superstar) doing one lap. CLICK HERE to see the video listed under the Bunker Hill MX links at the right bottom page. You can find more information about the Bunker Hill MX track at www.bunkerhillmx.com.


this may sound dumb but why can't i get the video's to play? i downloaded media player 9 and the other thing but it still says decompressor not found. i get sound but no video?anyone else have that problem?


You are always filming me when I'm warming up. :D lol

I need to wear the lid can and film you next time............ :)

Thumper - if you installed codecs from MS they won't play DIVX coded media. I had to install the DIVX 502 bundle to see them. It comes with a player which I really didn't want but if I didn't isntall it Windows Media player still wouldn't work. I'm running XP.

Using the right codec to produce the best results has been a challenge. The list of codecs supported by MS Media Player lists the MPEG-4v1 codec as supported. It is odd that most see the video and some do not. I tried for an hour to get the video to play at a remote site and was not successful. There is a MacOS and Quicktime MPEG4-v1 download available at http://www.versiontracker.com/moreinfo.fcgi?id=15061&db=macosx. In the meantime, I will continue to look for better formats that offer good video quality at high compression.


ok i finally got it to work. now i wish i was there so i could ride!

What did you do to finally get it to work?


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