wr 400 won't idle

Had this problem a couple times last year went away. now bike starts runs on choke but stalls out when you take choke off . as long as you give it gas it will run. let off throttle she dies . any ideas ????

Normally that's a sign of a clogged pilot jet. Strange that it comes and goes. Do you run an in-line fuel filter? When it the last time you cleaned the carb?

Debris in the float bowl can make a problem 'come and go'. Gunk in the bottom of the bowl gets agitated (really mad!) and some can get up against a jet and hang there, causing a intermitent issue lkike thise though usually, it is the main jet that experiences it.

took carb off. removed bowl was clean inside. removed pilot screw ran some seafoam through it seemed open squirted other holes and jets all seemed open. put carb back on still will not idle only starts with choke on took for a ride any time you let go of throttle pops and wants to die

Is the boot leaking between the carb and engine ?

Did you remove the pilot jet, ensure it is absolutely spotless?

tried to do a quick clean took out jet sprayed I will take it completely apart and soak.

Last time I had similar problem I used compress air and carb cleaner to clean out the pilot jet. Make sure you take out the pilot jet, hold it up to a light source and can see through the small opening. That's the only way to ensure the small hole is not clogged.

are you sure you're removing the pilot jet to clean it? It's the one deep inside its hole. There's another jet next to the main that much easier to get to, but it's something else, I'm not real sure what.

The pilot jet should have a main hole down the middle and some small holes on the side. You should be able to see thru all of them.

Well , cleaned pilot and all passages with cleaner and air even blew smoke through to make sure still would not idle. When I came home today my son was looking at manual and took carb off again and found the pilot air jet was clogged . bike is idling. did not take it for a ride didnot want to get wet today. Thanks for all the help

After i clean and blow out the jets, i use a piece of copper wire to run through them. Just a strand, and then blow 'em out again. I've found that even the most minute piece of bluck can cause issues.

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