Places to ride in Colorado? Woodland Park & Grand Lake

Thinking of going riding in Colorado over Labor Day weekend. Wondering about the Woodland park/Devide riding areas, are they open after the fires? What condition are these areas in?

Also heard about a some trails in the Grand Lake area. If anyone knows about this area please give a discription of the area as well as the size.

Thanks, hope to see you in Colorado.


The Woodland Park/Divide trails have been mostly destroyed from the fire. I was up there last weekend and one 20 mile loop + various off-shoots is all that is left. Rampart Range system is largely intact. I'm not sure of the trails at Grand Lake, although the trails north of there closer to Rand have been my favorites from when they held races in that area. I believe there are many trails to be discovered in the Taylor Park area(east of Gunnison/Crested Butte). As disappointing as it is to lose my usual riding area, there is alot more, just have to drive further.


Plenty of trails in Grand lake. You have to love a lot of tight woods, switch backs and rocks. Basically go to grand lake from denver, turn left at dillie docks and go back up in the woods. Lots of parking and camping. Trails are mostly intermediate.


Hey Lisa...

Not sure where your specifically heading, but if your not heading way up into the mountains, there is still some good riding around the front range. Rampart as mentioned is really nice, and only the south end is currently close due to the fire damage. Not totally sure on the Woodland Park condition, haven't ridden there yet this year. Further north up around Boulder there are some really sweet areas that will get you up around 12K, the ride from Nederland up over James Peak to St. Mary's is a really astetic ride, great views and good trails. We've got other cool areas just outside Bldr, West Mag and the ever "popular" Left Hand Canyon (Careful if you go up there).

There is some sweet riding just north of Breckenridge. The North/Middle/South Fork area opens up rides that could go from a few hours, all the way up to all day with out repeating any trials. North fork will get you up behind Keystone, and down around Montezuma. You can also head up Red Cone, and ride back down into the South Park area, but that would probably be a whole day ride.

Other than that, I think that there is one or two more trails around CO :D . If you have an idea as to what area of CO your going to be in, we could be a little more specific to that area as far as places to ride.

Hope that helps a little, have fun.

Dodger :):D

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