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I have not owned a dirt bike in about 15 years. I use to ride a lot and now want to start riding again with my son. Wanted to know if the wr450 would be a good bike for a guy getting back into riding?

No the wr450 isn't where you want to start. It is one awesome bike but if you've been off bikes for 15 yrs I think used xr250 or xr400 to get your feet wet again is smart. When tuned right the wr revs hard & fast(which is too cool) and is very tall so if you're not confident and ride through technical sections you can get in trouble. I think to get back into the sport it would be much easier\enjoyable on something mellower-then upgrade. Either way buy a bike and start riding!!

I would think it depends on what your last bike was, even if it was 15 years ago. Four years ago I got back into bikes after 12 years off. My last bike was a 87 CR500 and when I got back into I bought a 96 KX500. Rode it until 2002 when I switched to a WR426 and am now on the WR450. It all depends on what you're comfortable with. The WR450 can be a mello, trail-riding machine for one person and a fire-breathing desert racing machine for another. It's that flexible.

I agree with "ddialogue" I too was in same boat as you. I had not been on a bike in about 19 years.Got on my buddies KX500,and loved it rode all last summer(he also has a ATV).I went out and put money down on a WR450,now it's the waiting that's killing me.I have not been on a WR450 yet,but I do not think it would be to much bike to start back with.As you will most likely start out slow and grow into the bike.

Just my 2cents :)

how old is your boy? What kind of bike is he on? If your son is young and not an experienced rider, I would suggest some thing like a TT-R250 or an XR250. If you are going to have to ride hard to keep up with a 16 or 17 year old kid, then look at something more like the WR250 or WR450. but if you need to putt with the kid the WR is NOT a putter. I had a TT-R250 to ride with my boy on the trails when he was 7 on a PW80. I loved the electric start. (with a small kid you stop and start a lot.) I love the new WR for riding on the track and with the guys. It is going to be interesting to see how well it works with the little ones on the trail.

If the WR fits you, buy it. Seat height, in my opinion, is the only restricting factor.

The WR series has lots of "CONTROLLABLE" power, power that is not really intimidating. Main difference from some other bikes is the excellect suspension which certainly is a benefit for a new rider.

If the WR is what you really want, get it. Don't waste your money on a lesser bike that you may not be completely happy with.


If you had good, broad range of riding experience in your earlier days, the WR might be a good fit. I rode (never raced) a (1974) Yami 250 and 360 Enduro and after a 20+ year abstainence got a WR426F and feel totally comfortable. This bike kicks some serious Butt. The 03 "may" even be better !! Hard to imagine :)

Good luck

Call me crazy but I had only occasionally riden a bike...a short spin through the trees here and there on a friends bike (when I was about 12) and a short stint with an old BSA 441. Then at age 38 a buddy of mine whose been riding all is life (AAA level rider who throughs around a CR500 like it was nothing) talks me into buying a bike and riding with him.

What do I get...a used (ridden twice) YZ426F

It's been allot of work, too much fun, and not without a few bumps and bruises, but I'm getting around pretty good. A patient coach really helps, pushes me right to edge.

My first off-road bike was and is a '00 WR400. I have found it forgiving of my inexperience in all aspects. It's saved my butt several times when I figured it was time for the big-one. The power is not intimidating at all. It's very nice to have the extra ponies when you have to catch up to your riding buds. ..or if you feel like leaving them in the dust for a change. It's a bit large compared to the 250 class but there's added comfort in that weight, so you don't tire out quite as fast either. It's a bike you can easily grow into. For what it's worth, buy it and be comforted in the knowledge that you have a bike that'll last ya long enough to pay of the bank and still run for a few years.

Thanks for the info. My last bike was a TT250. I can't wait to get back on a bike. My son is a small 8 yr old and I was thinking of the TT90. He fits it fine. My dealer up here has not head of the woodruff key problem either.

Akrider>> . My dealer up here has not head of the woodruff key problem either.

Welcome to Thumpertalk :D This is the place where you find out the straight goods on four stroke singles. :) Tell your dealer about it and they'll become a better dealer for it. Without this place my dirt riding would never have been as enjoyable.

Heh heh.. slower than me.. I doubt it. On the street I'd give ya run for it, but on the dirt everything changes.

The XR 250, XR400, WR250 are excellent bikes but if you are able to use a little self-control and not ride over your head I'd go for the 450 because you will probably never out grow it. If you really get back into riding you will out grow the others. You could install an even longer throttle stop to the 450 to only give you 1/4 throttle to keep you in control and shorten it a little at a time as you get used to it if you can't control it yourself. It’s much cheaper in the long run then having to move up if you out grow what ever you get less then the 450. Good luck


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