Trouble removing sorkle on 450

I tried to remove snorkle but stopped for fear of breaking it.I used 2 flat blades on each side and pried sides of snorkle in while trying to pull up.No luck :).It looks like if I am sucessfull with the prying,I will not get snorkle by battery clip.Any tips will be greatly appriciated.Another thing, I was wondering if I should wait till I rejet from stock jetting for I think she is running lean already.

03WR450FR-Works connection alum. frame guards.


Did you reomove the battery first? Just remove the strap and flop the battery out of the way, this lets the airbox move more when you pry it. Go ahead and rejet it. I used a 48 pilot and 160 main and it runs a ton better.

Good luck!


I pried towards the handlebars.I put a screwdriver next to the plate and pried in and that helped pull the snorkel up.A third set of hands may make it easier since you could pry and they could pull it out.

Good luck and be patient.

Before yanking the snorkel out, I tried to figure out, unsuccessfully, what it was put there for in the first place. If they put it there just to restrict airflow, that's lame. Doesn't seem to offer any added protection against water, etc. Guesses, anyone?

I assumed it was there to limit the bikes power Less air less power.It's the only thing i can think of same as the throttle stop in my opinion.

Less air, less power, less noise, lower emissions= sell it in the states. At least they made it easy to fix

I did'nt have any trouble. Remove the battery and use 2 screwdrivers and pry the cover past the batt holder and pull up with a pair of pliers.

I did remove the battery but that battery clip sticks out pretty far.You must have to flex it alot to get it by.Should I leave it in untill I rejet from factory jetting.I think its very lean now.My header glows even when rideing at 30 MPH.Not as bright as when ideling, but a dull red.I've only ridden her at night up & down the street.I am still talking about the bike :).I beleive I am less than 1000' above sea level.Any one tell me how I can find this out?

Bend her over (the battery box) just enough to get the snorkle past the battery holder clip thingy and pull it out.

Call an airport or weather station, they should know you elevation. I did the same thig with the two screw drivers, but I took off the air box and placed a heater near the box for a while. I to was worried I'd break it when flexing it that much.

Should I still wait untill I rejet or do it now?Do most dealers keep these jets in stock or will they have to order them?

It was cold in my garage so I was afraid to pry the air box lid and crack it. I used a hacksaw blade and cut the snorkle so I could pull it out.

There is so much snow I couldn't find my ramp to unload my new bike. It was in the yard somewhere, I had to use a board. I see in the weather report we are getting more snow tommorrow. Sigghh.

Go for it! Rejet it right away. Your dealer should have them. I went with a 48 pilot, 160 main, and 72 starter jet. It runs good, and strong.


Called dealer today and told them it runs like sh#t.Asked if they would rejet under warranty.They told me that I would have to bring it in for them to diagnose.They would then call Yamaha to see if they would cover it.So maybe a free rejet. :)

03WR450F-grey wire disconnected,wors connection alum. frame guards.

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