Big bear ride

Who road the duel sport ride 8-10 & 11 . what did you thank of the ride ?

Jim, I was one of the 35 of 200+ entries to finish the 195 miles on Saturday. Had a great time and am hoping they don't decide to add any more miles on next year. If you are in the club could you suggest doing the ride possibly later in the year so it's not so hot? I was adding up how much water I drank that day and figured it out to be about two gallons. Eric

Hey TT'ers

I am in the club and really want to know what you thought about the ride. Did anyone ride the event with a GPS on their bike? Did you download the course at sign up from the GPS Geek?

I agree it was freaking hot on Saturday. As for changing the schedule, club tradition has it on the second weekend in August. Along with the other dual sport schedules in Dist. 37 changing weekends may end up conflicting with other events in the district.

Thanks for the input Blue . The mountains are Cooler than the dez this time of year . I was sweep cordinator and did not gat back til 7:30pm ,Just in time to eat and go to work . I was tired the next morning .

I had a great time on Saturday riding with Clark Mason (he’s now on a very trick KTM 540EXC). Thanks to the BBTR folks for laying out an excellent loop and putting on a well organized ride. I haven't been over that many rocks in years. The heat took its toll on me even though I rode well. I managed to get through to the lunch stop with only one very minor fall as I was wiggling my way through the Devil's Hole (very dry) water crossing. I tried putting my foot down from a stop only to realize that I was over a hole and ground was about a foot or more lower than I thought. I could have saved it if I was 6'8" or so! Oh well… I developed the chills and generally did not feel that good after we stopped at the malt shop. I guess I got a little too hot and maybe didn't drink as much water as I should have. I need to get some insulation over the hose on my drink system so the first few ounces of water aren't solar heated to over 100 degrees on those really hot days. We were both pretty worn out and decided to bail after lunch. It still made for a 110+ mile day. I had to be at work early Sunday morning, so I missed day two.

I wish I had taken the time to download the route into my GPS. I still need to come up with a place to mount it. My bars are pretty well out of spare room due to the damper, mirror, hot start, ICO & roll chart. I did turn on the GPS, stowed in my backpack and logged a pretty good chunk of the route. Coverage gets a bit spotty though. I just bought a higher gain remote antenna and will try that on my next ride with the antenna velcroed to the outside of the backpack and the receiver protected inside the backpack.

Thanks again BBTRs, D37 and the all the sponsors!


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