450 160main 48p too rich?

current jetting is 160 main 48 pilot runs fine on top end seems too rich in mid range any one else running something different? :)

155 main, 48 pilot, clip down one from stock. Elevation is 2700 feet.

i am running 160/48 and it runs fine. except when it is cold it has a little low end bog till she warms up than it's roostin like a champ !!

I change my main to 158 and my pilot to a 48. My needle is one clip richer and my bike runs great. I'm in iowa :)

I put a 215 seems to run great, check your plug and when it stays brown thats what you want.

Is your snorkel removed? Mine is and I run a 160 and 48 in NJ with excellent results. The snorkel restriction could cause it to run a little fat.

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