KTM 625 SXC or keep my BRP???

I just got back form the Adelanto Gran Prix. I saw a KTM 625 SXC. The salesman at LR's Moto Zone told me KTM is fielding this bike to target the BRP. The 625 looks awesome. It :) weighs a few pounds more than the BRP but it has the E-button. The bike looks race ready, just add a GPR and go. Anyone ride the 625, any thoughts? Thanx :D

It does look nice! Im trying to decide on an open class KTM like the 625 or an XR650 in addition to my DRZ. I just worry about part costs and availability with the KTM. Also looking at it....38.5" seat height!!! Holyschmoly. 297lbs is a shade more than the BRP but not much.

Forget the 625 and get the 525 E/XC. Much lighter and the engine is magical. I liked my BRP but the KTM is a whole different breed of cat. I can't imagine needing more power and the light and nimble feel of the 525 is amazing.

Alright Danco! Good to hear from ya! Well, it looks like the snow melted enough for you to ride your Beast. Sounds like a great bike. I'm takin' good care of your parts and putting them through their paces. Get us a picture of your new scoot with the black plastic. Bet it looks Evil! :)

Keep the XR. HONDA parts and reliablility alone make it the right choice.

I'm still waiting on my black IMS tank. She's all black except for the silly orange tank. It should be here in a few weeks. Once done I'll unveil the fully operational DeathStar!! LOL

Pal of mine put 90 some miles on a new 625 this last week - he took it back to the dealer. It put his hands, feet, and butt to sleep. He also has a 520 KTM and says it ain't nothing like this. He liked the bike other than this, just said it shook HARD!

hmmmm....a $7000.00 orange vibrator. My wife might like it.... :)

...and it comes with it's own battery! :)


Good to see you moved your son off of the 500. The KDX is a great bike and can't get him into quite as much trouble :)

r4s, Yeah, I was as surprised as anybody when he started riding it! He was always bugging me and so finally I let him ride it in a flat area thinking that that would be it. :D Next thing I know he's out riding through the whoops and looking pretty good! :) I always knew that this was going to be a short experiment, but after riding the "Beast" you should see him ride his KDX! It is THE perfect bike for him and he LOVES it. :D He's on a whole new level now. (Proud Dad :D)

holy crap dude!! so much for the old double AA batery vibrator! If the word gets out to the ladies about your sugestion, us fellas' are in trouble! :)

For the cost of the KTM, you should get a free chest full of Snap-Ons...........cuz you'll need em......

I owned a 650R (good open desert bike) before my KTM 525 and I have no regrets about the switch. I would do it all over again. I have owned the KTM since August and I have not had to fix a thing. It is exactly what KTM claims, a "Racing Four Stroke" out of the box. In fact, I used tools on the 650R the first week that I owned it. Remove this, remove that, get rid of this get rid of that, block off this and put a cap on that.

Now, just to set the record straight, I like the BRP. I wish that I still had one in addition to my KTM. The BRP is great for what it was designed to do, haul major a$$ in the wide open. However, for one bike, my 525 hauls major a$$ in the open, rips up the single track like I could have never dreamed of doing on my BRP and so far has been hard as a rock reliable.

I have been a die hard Honda owner for the past 13 years and I still like their products. However, my KTM is by far my favorite ride to date.

I guess my point is this, don’t knock anything until you try it.

It's good to hear you have had nuthin but good luck with your <font color="orange"> KTM <font color="black"> . Based on what I have seen, you WILL be doing alot of wrenching. You wrenched you 650 alot because it wasn't what you wanted "out of the box", I did the same. Your <font color="orange"> KTM <font color="black"> however, came "race ready". I am talking maintenance, not mods or power ups. Go to big enduro rides, or anyplace with large amounts of riders and look around. It is a fact, You will see more <font color="orange"> KTM <font color="black"> owners wrenching on their bikes than any Jap bike.

You are correct, I have had good luck with my KTM. That is my experience and the same goes for two other people that I know with the same bike.

I am not going off of a rumor or by saying "go to a race and look around" I have owned both bikes in question. Have you? This takes us back to the point that I made earlier, "Don’t knock something until you have tried it" I have. This fact alone makes me feel that I am qualified to at least comment on both machines.

I am not saying anything bad about the 650R. I am sure that you have every bit of the experience and knowledge to tell everyone here what a great bike the 650R is. After all, you do own one. However, I don’t think the same holds true for your bashing of the KTM.

Look at my signature for Christ sakes. Do you think it is derived from owning a KTM? :)

Thank you

You'll probably see more KTM's than any other bike too.

I have not even done a darn thing to my bike for maintenance really. I am on original engine completely, only one valve adjustment. The only thing I have had to replace was my shock lower bearing (heim bearing). It developed play up and down. 30 minutes of a new peice, and good to go.

Not too bad for a nearly two year old bike that gets raced hard, oil changed every third ride, filters cleaned whenever I feel like it, and a fresh air filter whenever the bike is hard to start.

KTM is a good bike, and not more of a maintenance issue than any other bike, especially in the rear end....I bet I can grease my linkage in 1/10th the time a japanese bike can be done.

Hey, just saying. They are not any worse than any other bike.

I got your point the first time. Yeh, don't knock it till you try it. My point is that not all of us can ride 4 or 5 brands of bikes to be qualified to comment on every one. A high percentage of bike riders have purchased a bike based on second hand information, friends that rode certain brands, family members that rode certain brands, or from perception of what they notice around them. I know 2 guys that ride KTM's. Both while very happy with their bikes performance, readily admit there's more maintenance involved. The "look around" comment was just for people who don't have aquaintences that ride KTM's. I am didn't mean to strike a cord with anyone. I was just basing my opinion on my experiences. Just because I haven't ridden your bike does not mean I am not qualified to have an opinion. It just means my opinion is not valid to you. To that, I really don't care, as my opinion was meant for the poster, not a debate with you.

"Just because I haven't ridden your bike does not mean I am not qualified to have an opinion"

I am a firm believer in the first amendment. You are most certainly entitled to any opinion that you may have (Opinion being the key word here), but it just wont be a qualified one regarding KTM's. :)

I didn’t want to start a debate with you. You had an "OPINION" for the original posters questions and I just wanted to add my "FACTS" and "EXPERIENCE" about MY KTM that I OWN and at the same time relay my “EXPERIENCE” with the XR650R that I used to own. After all, don’t you think that I have the experience and knowledge of both brands that is needed to fully answer this guy’s specific question regarding Honda or KTM?

It’s not like I just pumped up KTM and shot down Honda. It was quite the opposite actually. I gave props to both machines where I felt they were due based on my experiences.

Just my $.02, I ride with about 9 KTM RFS riders both 400 and 520's. We typically ride over 100 mi/wk on some of the knarliest trails and hillclimbs on the West coast and I have only seen 1 bike break in 2 years. After 30 miles of 12"+ mud one guy lost front wheel bearings(lack of maintance mostly).Local auto parts had 2 new bearings for $7 each. Try that with your Honda!The wheel bearings for my kids CR/XR were $18 each!!! Last CR450F that went on a ride with us lost his clutch for 1/2 hr(overheated) not to mention the gallon of green it puked all over the trail.I did like the power though.Dont knock em till you try em! :)

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