KTM 625 SXC or keep my BRP???

I hate KTM's too, but only because I can't buy one to put in the stable next to my DRZ and CR250. They are awesome bikes and by and large are reliable as nearly any jap bike (XR's and KDX's excluded). I'm planning to buy a new CRF450 next and based on the word on the street, I know I am going to become very adept at checking and adjusting valves. No bike is perfect. But they are all great and it makes no sense to knock another's choice of bike.

Local auto parts had 2 new bearings for $7 each. Try that with your Honda!

I have bought wheel bearings for my XR's and other bikes at the local auto parts store. I still have a set for an XR400 in the box so I can get the NAPA part # if you want. They were less than $7 dollars too.

All bikes are good now. They all have problems to work out and no one bike will be perfect for every situation. If you can only have one bike you need to be honest about how you are going to use it and get the one that best fits your needs.

I raced KTM 2 strokes for several years and they were very reliable. I didn't have to maintain them any more than any other bike. I still like my XR's though, I'm a big ol' boy and they don't feel to fat to me. :)

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