Zip-ty magnetic drain plug

anybody know the part # for the plug that fits the wr450 ?

he hasnt got it listed on his web site yet.

thanx :)

XR You can also buy the GYT-R version through your Yamaha dealer. Jim

I think I like ZipTy's better. The magnet is longer, sticking further out into the oil with room to catch more debris. The magnet (at least on my 250F's) sticks 1/4" out past the end of the bolt.

Yes - the Yamaha needs a very large magnet. :)

My Zip-Ty drain plug came in the mail late last week and the part number on the invoice is DP107-2. I called and placed my order over the phone. The magnet is longer on the zip-ty version and it's a cool anodized blue color (not that you can see it anyway.) :)

Dont leave home without it!

thanx guys..... i have also heard before that the magnet on ty's is larger than the gyt version.

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