06 450f misses at low RPM

went trail riding today my bike ran horrible,Steady stumble at low RPM I just installed

45 pilot

168 main

NFLR Needle 3rd clip

I'm in California sea level, Any suggestions:banghead:

Test the TPS, and check it's adjustment per the manual.

How did it run before you changed the carb settings?

It ran better at low RPM but more decel pops with stock needle 4th clip.

Try the needle at 4.

The popping is influenced almost entirely be the pilot circuit alone, since closing the throttle shuts down the main circuit for practical purposes.

I'll try 4th position on clip, Do I have to take subframe and rear shock off to get to it? Is there a faster way?

With the tank off, you should be able to remove the top engine mounts and rotate the carb enough to change the needle.


Is the 4th clip richer?

Yes. The clip grooves are numbered top to bottom, so going three to four is a step richer.

I put needle on 4th clip today and motor wont start without me giving it a little throttle while kicking it over,Then when it does start motor back fires and runs like shit! So I put stock 06 needle back in carb and it still runs bad.Looking at manual I notice that I might have put plate in upside down on back of throttle valve.Would that cause my newest problem?

Yes it would. I done the exact same thing before. The plate on the slide is decieving so I would double check it.

Yes, that would do it. It's an easy mistake to make, because it looks for all the world as if it should go in upside down.

But it has to be rounded edge up, the flat side with the hole next to it goes down.

i have an '06 as well; does it miss when cold? Right after washing I get the stutter, but after shes warmed up no prob. Same jet set up too

Well I can't sleep so I went to work on the bike again,And yes I put plate on upside down.Now it starts on the first kick!

I liked to say thanks to SacFelix, And Grayracer513 your tip on 4th clip & taking off tank and upper engine mounts save me alot of time!


Did putting the stock needle on the 4th clip do the trick? My 06 misses at low RPM too and want to get it fixed. I am currently running the needle in the stock position.

I put 07 needle back in on 4th clip and its runs awesome!

The '07 needle (NFLR) is not a big change from the '06, although it can occasionally be just what the bike wants.

The only difference between the NFLR and the stock '06 NFPR is that the '07 needle is one half step leaner when the clip is in any given position. In other words, setting an NFLR in the 4th clip would be like putting the '06 needle clip between the 3rd and 4th notch.

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