2000-2003 Wr 426 / 400?

Trying to help a friend find a good thumper and need to find some more info and maybe a good connection for a sweet deal as well. Can you guys help me out a bit? Thanks.

2003 would be a 450. Not a 426. But Recommend Craigs List or E-bay.

So which is better (426 or 450) and besides cc's, why? What are the downfalls of a 426? They seem to be available for pretty low prices.

All WR's are good bikes. They are low cost not because they are bad...they just sold well. Supply demand thing. I have a '99 WR 400 and love the bike. The WR is the XR of modern bikes. If you find one that is not just beaten to death they are great. Condition rules my friend. I got mine out of the paper locally. Just look around for a low hour one and you'll be fine.

A riding friend said he had one in AZ that was raced for like 6 years...no issues at all.

I did hear that the 426 had some kind of gear box issue. You might find something on here about that...then you read nothing but good about the 426...go figure.

Rock solid bikes. My WR400 is a beast of a bike. If you find a low hour 400 get it.

450 has a bit lower cg and...drum roll...electric start. If you have a choice, go with the 450 just for the happy button. If it's an 03, make sure the woodruff key mod is done (or do it yourself). Regardless, as others have said, they are all great bikes and you won't be disappointed either with performance or reliability.

So a 2003 WR450 for around $1500 would be a everyday deal on one that needs a little tlc, but hasn't been dogged and put away wet.

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