Anyone going to Millville this week end? (MX Championship)

We are thinking of going, but wondered if it would be worth the 12 hour drive! Has anyone ever been there before?

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Millville mass?

I've never been to Millville, but have been to several mx nationals over the years, and it is well worth the time to go.

I live just 30 mins south, going sat/sun. It's a great track, tough, with lots of elevation changes. Has a deep valley and good viewing from the surrounding hills. I've never ridden there though, too scary and I suck ;-).

Traffic is bad from the west since that's what most people know about and it's closer to the Twin Cities. Plan on at least an hour wait if you don't get there early on sunday if coming from the west. There is an east side way to get there through the town of Millville and runs by the river that's much better, just FYI.

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I use to race there (AMA District 23) while I lived in MN.

The track is beautiful, but IS spread out. Spectating is quite decent actually (Southwick is a joke!) but not as good as Bud's Creek or Broome Tioga. Milleville (We use to call it Zumbro) is oblong in layout.

As already mentioned, there are 2 roads in/out. Essentially everyone goes west out of the track and the traffic can be trying to say the least. One thing I have come to realize, it is best to not have to leave the track right away. To avoid the traffic, you have to leave before the races are over, generally right after the start of the 250's... :)

It is best, IMHO, to hang out for an extra 4 hrs or so AFTER the races. You get to see what you went there to see, and who knows, maybe w/ a pit pass ($~15.00) you may snag some tires/toys from the factory guys. If you get there the day before to watch practice (a good idea) you MAY snag some stuff. Moderator Bill's group at Buds Creek 2 years ago(where I first met Bill and his boys) got some tires and something else... (???).

We also met and chatted w/ Greg Albertyn at the hotel!! :D

NH Kevin (formerly CT Kevin, PA Kevin, GA Kevin, NY Kevin, CA Kevin, FL Kevin, IL Kevin, MN Kevin)

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Thanks for all the info!

We are leaving from Kansas tonight. We'll be at the track both Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks for the driving tips, we will plan on staying late at the track on Sunday. Wouldn't want to leave before they were over, that's for sure!!!

Good for you!! :)

As silly or "Typical" as it might seem, get yourself a shirt or hat from moto tees while you are there. I have been buying the collared shirts since I have more t-shirts than I can even count! Plus, w/ the dressier shirts, you can look good, and still advertise that you are an MX fan. I have my Southwick and Bud's Creek shirts! :D


If you have a camcorder, BRING IT!! Until you see the Pro's REALLY ride, you cannot fathom the speed they actually move.

There are also models ( really hot models :D ) very willing to have a picture taken w/ you! You can show your Grandkids when you are 70, and MAKEUP some PHENOMINAL lies! :D

Go to the big downhill (after the uphill) and watch the guys hit the tight 180 at the bottom of the hill (unless it is changed...) UNBELIEVABLE Speed around it!!

Wish I could go... :D:D:D

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