Clutch? Tusk, White Bros, Barnett, Hinson?

Hi All,

I need to replace the plates and springs in my clutch. I know Hinson is considered the best. Has anyone used Tusk, White Bros, Barnett, OEM, or any other brands and what were your thoughts?



i put white bros in my yz450 and it is pretty smooth, a friend of mine bought the tusk because they were cheaper and he seems to be happy with it

Tusk makes quality parts and tools. I've never used their clutch (haven't needed one yet) but I would not hesitate on trying one due to the other parts I've used

How do the clutches hold up? Do they seem to last at least as well as stock?

OEM plates, or Hinson/GYT-R. Stock springs.

well neither set is very old, mine is about 4 months old and his is only about 2, i don't see any reason tho think either would fail early, anything will break if abused enough, if i had to do over i would buy the tusk, it works as well as anything and quite a bit cheaper

Go with some stiffer springs i put some HD springs on my clutch and made a night/day difference.

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