Tyre choice

I am looking for some road legal enduro tyres and am thinking about the Bridgestone ED660 and ED661. Has anyone tried them, any good?

If has to be street legal go with the Kenda trackmaster

on the rear. You won't find a more agressive tire that is DOT.

Yep i have tried the ed-661 rear,found it to be a good all round tyre,now trying the new michelin enduro star rear and it seems like a good tyre too,i ride in all types of conditions and found they both give good grip(ed-661 has more rim protection than the enduro star IE:when fitted the tyre comes out past the edge of the rim where the tyre seats and gives good protection against rim damage!)i`m not sure witch one wears better though,but the michelin enduro star is a little cheaper,i`m tempted too try a trelleborg tyre next,tried to get one before but could not get through to order one!,both the tyres i have mentioned have good tread block patterns on the sides of the tyres so when crossing ruts and the like you wont find the rear slipping back down ito the rut and making the bike want to cross up(within reason mind!)when you fit your new tyre write downd the milage on the bike,and take note of the conditions you are riding that way you will get a better idea of how it wears.

Thanks guys, think I will go for the Bridgy, as the Kenda doesn't come up on any searches in the UK!

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