Skidplate Frame Nut came off

So the nut that is welded into the tab that is welded onto the frame came loose.

So now, when mounting the skidplate there is no way to hold the nut as you tighten:banghead:

I tried to JB weld on a nut but in only lasts a couple on and offs of the skidplate then breaks free:banghead:

Any ideas? Is there something stronger than JB weld?

Is it not holding because the tab is Aluminum and the nut steel?

Use a Riv-Nut! It is a threaded insert that you install with a special rivet gun or tool. Snap-On and Mac sell them. You might try Matco, Grainger, McMaster-Carr, Copper State Bolts, and Fastenal to see if they carry them.

I have used this method many times.

A simpler solution is a "clip nut":


Loc-Tite 245 epoxy (auto parts stores) is both stronger and faster than JB, but I doubt it will do the job here.

If you can get a wrench on the nut side, I would just use a bolt and self-locking nut.

same thing happand to me ill try grays option.

thx for the post

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