Is the WR 450 great or what?

Yepp i got my new bike delivered(WR450) this friday and took my first spin today, here in sweden we got a lot of snow so i instantly put on the winter tires, and was the first ride a nice one?, YOU BET, what a torque and the steering in narrow corners the suspension, the E-button "oh my" this bike is great. Anyone know of any free mods yet.


Hey Sweden I thought all you guys did over there is ski. I don't know what altitude your at, but I'am sure you have checked all the info on the jetting changes we've made. What tires do you use the Trellaborgs? and do they really work? The problem I have in the snow is not being able to see whats under it, like rocks. any way its good to hear from you guys in other parts of the world, it shows you that this brotherhood of dirt bike fanatics is world wide.

Or what mostly.

No, really it's the best off road bike I've ever ridden without question.

Yepp, on the front wheel i use an old Trelleborg tire, and on the back a Bridgestone M58. I can say that i´m no fan of Trelleborg tires i think people around here have been riding on them for ages and are afraid of trying something new. Last season i´v got my hands on 4 front and 4 rear tires from Bridgestone, and i was so satisfied but when i sold my WR426 i didnt look like i was going for a new bike for awhile so i sold 4 front tires and three rear tires, i just kept one backtire and i am very pleased with that.

We are a little group of guys and we all had different tires to begin with so i´v had the opertunity to study these winter tires for a while.

What kind of tires do you use.

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