Any affordable GPS systems out there?

What are you guys using thats somewhat affordable, say under $200? Is there something available for that kind of cash?



I have a Garmin E-Trex Legend. Works well. Very compact. Just a bit over $200.

Yes. I have lowrance ( iFinder and I'm very happy with it. I got it mainly because of its mega memory. It can save 10 tracks by 10,000 points each. Then you can save them to MMC/SD card and have 100,000 more points of tracks. It also remembers 1000 way-points and 1000 icons. The bad about it is that it is not water resistant, but it comes with water resistant bag. You can download it's users manual and see all the functions. If you also get Expert GPS software ( you will be able to simplify and combine tracks together and make something like trails map for different areas you ride.

I've been using aGARMIN eTREX VISTA for two years now, and have been very happy with it. One time several years ago, a rider in our group had a severe crash, 30 kms. away from the truck, high up on an alpine trail. When we were finally able to get in touch with a Ranger, we had a tough time calling in the chopper to take him out without having the proper GPS coordinates. They didn't care what valley or ridge he was on, they needed exact, specific coordinates. The Garmin Vista is quite small, and easily fits in your pocket.

I have a Magellan 312, paid about $130 three years ago, at Kmart. Works great, easy to use, only uses 2 AA batteries. Can be a real life saver. I just carry it in my fannypack.

I picked up the Garmin Extrex Legend for $185 after $50 mail-in rebate. Nice little unit and has enough memory to do most mapping features and tons of tracking and waypoints. It's water resistant as well and I run it right on the bars of my WR450.

Mounted GPS

OK, so it's way past $200, but it sure is cool.

I had a Garmin 45 that quit working (6yrs old, no idea why) so I started shopping. I have multiple uses...boating, hiking, climbing, off road riding, so it wasn't easy. I decided a mapping unit would be fun. It is! At the end of your ride you can see where you went, total distance, elevation gain/loss. Then there's the driving directions. You download maps and it will tell you what street is coming up, ect...

I chose the Garmin 76S and bought the street atlas and US topo CD's.

No life saving stories yet, but it sure is nice to know which way to go to get back to the truck...all them trees and trails start looking the same after awhile.

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