YZ426 2002 leaking white gunge

I noticedthis afternoon, after my bike has stood still since this morning, that there is a whiteish gungey (for want of a better explaination) fluid leaking out of a black rubber hose (oil breather?) that comes down the left hand side of bike to the underneath. I have a horrible feeling that this is caused by water and oil mixing together :usa:. Has anyone had this problem before? Any help would be much appreciated :thumbsup:

I have a horrible feeling that this is caused by water and oil mixing together :thumbsup:.
Well, that's just what it is. Fortunately, all such mixing is likely taking place only in the breather hose. If there were water in the oil, the oil on the dipstick would be milky looking, too. If it's not, it's just atmospheric moisture collecting in the hose.

The oil on the dipstick looks normal :-) Cheers grayracer513

Mine does that too.....If that comforts you even further:thumbsup:

is it the hose that comes out of the valve cover? very possible water got up in there..

Was it cold out last time you rode? My 01 426 does that when its cooler out, It has a light oil residue/drip when normal outside temp. You could change your oil and inspect it for water mixing. Also, how's your coolant level? If o.k. and not loosing coolant than it is most likely condensation from the hose mixing with any oil normally excaping from the hose.

My wr426 does that as well scared the crap out of me because the first time I seen it was after the first ride I took with it after I bought it. But like mentioned above checked the oil the oil looked fine.:thumbsup:

For all the replys to what WAS a bit of a worrying question....................many thanks :thumbsup:

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