Latest Dirt Rider....Serious Business or Serious Boobs?

Man I forgot all about the KTM 450/Gas Gas write ups when that Blonde Honey started appearing on Every Page......It sucks to get old......and Fat.....and Bald.....Well, atleast I still have my bike!

Bonzai :)

Where's that old add for lipo suction.....Mabe I can talk the ol lady into a little cosmetic surgery.......

[ August 13, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

Yamakaze, I can't say that I've been to Georgia to see "the Georgia Peaches" but I think that girl you are talking about was sitting next to me when I got my haircut today... or was she at the table next to me when I was eating lunch... or was it her driving the convertible BMW on the freeeway... no she was at the gym tonight. Hell, I love So Cal! Plan your next vacation to Newport Beach. Eric

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