Thinking about buying 2008 CRF450R - need some advise please

The border has to be notified 72 hours in advance. There can be no outstanding recalls not applied to the vehicle. There are some forms etc etc etc.

You are supposed to get a NVIS ($200) for a vehicle, but if it is staying on private land or a farm then that is not a problem though you may have to argue that point if they dont know what a dirt bike or a farm is.

There are tons of sites out there on how to do it.

We picked up a new 07 Rancher 420 in 2007 and saved over $2K, now its not so hot with the exchange. A $4500US bike is going to be over $5500CDN if you ever take it off road add $200 for the NVIS.

Just dont mess with the border people, they have more rights than any police officer. The Coutts border is pretty good though.

thx man ill look into it

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