i think i sheared my key

i went out into the garage to fire it up after an oil change, using the electric starter then i heard a loud bang :D :D :)

that's called a back fire. if you sheared your key like i did today when you hit the e-button it will not try to start. you can hear the motor just spin

yeha i know that but i remember reading somewhere that the bike will still run with a sheared key.. im goin to the desert this coming weekend and i dont wanna have to walk my bike back.. i also noticed that the idling speed fluctuated a lot so im going to rejet.. does anyone have a good combination?? i heard of utvols but i think thats a little rich but im at 3000 ft thanks a lot


If it was a loud bang like a back fire it probably was a backfire and may or may not have sheared a key. When a flywheel breaks loose is sounds a lot like a 22 rifle shot, sort of a very quick loud "CRACK" sound if you could hear it over the sound of the engine. I suppose other things might have caused such a noise also. If you dealer is handy call him and make it his project to check and repair. You can unscrew the timing plug, put it in 5th gear with brakes applied and try to loosen the flywheel nut with a torque wrench. If it reads at least 47 pounds, youi might loosen it and retighten to 47# and try to start it again. The safest thing other than dealer repair is to pull the cover and flywheel and check out the key and rotor fit. Probably should order a spare woodruff key just in case.

When you use e-button do you hear exhaust "noise"? If so your woodruff key is most likely not broken. Basically on this bike the electric start motor turns the flywheel which turns the crankshaft (the woodruff key positions the flywheel on the crankshaft).

Ok so let me get this straight if you shear the woodruf key the e start will spin but wont catch and thus wont allow you to get fire? So what if you kick start? I'm getting really mixxed up on if I did or if I didnt sheer it or if my pipe just backfires like a 22....Just need more info on exactly what happens when you sheer it. :)

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