I checked mine...(throttle slide) have you??

Well, after logging around 3,000 or so miles on my 99 WR and reading numerous posts about the throttle slide plate cracking I thought I might check mine out. Espically since I have never had the trhottle stop in, UNTILL NOW! (thanks Bryan H.)

For all that slapping agianst the top of the carb I thought it looked pretty good. I guess I got lucky eh? :)


Looks good...

Make sure you put the slide plate back in right side up (as shown). A few have put it back in upside down and wonder why their bikes run terribly afterwards. :)


yes, a few of our wr4 1998/99models have got tis slide cracking abit, we fitted steel ones & the problem have gone away, but we still check them once in awhile? we knew not why???


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